Jericoacoara is a trendy place with an original soul...Experience the "Jeri" magical atmosphere !

When it has been discovered by "the world" in the 1980's , Jericoacoara was a small fishing village far from  modernity with no electricity and few options to stay in. The village slowly became a top destination for windsurfers because of its extraordinary wind conditions between July and September.  International travelers have then slowly discover Jeri and its unique landscapes to spend wonderful holidays in a beautiful and authentic environment. There are no words to describe Jeri , you have to come here , look at the beauty of the scenery, talk with local people, eat some fresh local seafood, listen some brazilan music.... you will just feel alive ...


Jericoacoara is now full of restaurant and bed&breakfast but the national park limits the development and the place remains authentic and peaceful.  If you are looking for a cool place to live your next adventure with style , you ate probably at the right place !

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