Praia do Prea is an authentic fishermen village and the famous kitesurfing spot of Jericoacoara

Prea is one of the last fishermen village in the world to use sailing fishing boats !


280 km up north from Fortaleza (Ceara state capital city) , Prea is a quiet fisherman village and an ecological paradise bordered by the atlantic ocean on one side and by the sandy dunes on the other side...It is located 7 km from the well known village of Jericoacoara.



In 1999, when kitesurfers discovered Praia do Prea, they realized the wind was constantly blowing from july to january and they have started to consider these huge sandy beaches as one of the best kitesurfing spot of the planet.


Since then, unlike Jericoacoara, Prea has kept its quiteness and still offers a peacefull atmosphere in a truly authentic environment.  

Every morning the local fishermen come back to the beach with their sailing boats ("Jangadas") full of delicious fresh fish and shrimps...The local economy still relies in fishing even if the touristic activities are slowly growing .


The night in Praia do Prea is a sky show in itself , the milky way is always here to drive you through the thousands of stars shining in the sky.



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